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Whats the difference between AMD and INTEL processors? The BIG difference is price and form factor (ATX vs AT). ATX allows the computer to controll the power switch and has the mouse and printer ports built onto the board and is a little more expensive. As far as speed, They take thier turns at having the fastest processor, the AMD is best for the games, the INTEL is best for raw crunch of graphics and database processing until the AMD K7 comes out.
Whats the BIG deal with the AMD K7 Athalon? The BIG deal is that the new AMD runs on a 200 Mhz bus. then it is multiplied the INTEL starts with a 100 Mhz bus and then is multiplied. That is the BIG deal. the bus is twice as fast and allows the AMD Athalon to run alot faster than the fastest INTEL processor.

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